The muddy moods of oil paints are the painter's muddy humors, and it's brilliant transformations are the painter's unexpected discoveries.

(James Elkins)

Randy Chollette, Grand Cayman

I want to live this life as near to perfection as I can, I don’t want to make this journey again, to have to work out karma again. That is why all that I think, say, and do must be absolute truth. And truth is LOVE.

Ada Colorina, Mexico: Puerto Vallarta

Ada's work enables us to perceive that there is still joy in our world, a joy that can be found in this heart so big and so ready to give love through its art.

Christyna Jauffret, Mauritius

Her universal spirit shines through her work

Pascal Lagesse, Mauritius

Creative inspiration is around every corner of Mauritius

Gordon Solomon, Grand Cayman

My inspiration for painting isn’t outside of me, it’s given from spirit.

Travel Gal, United States: Chicago

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