The Sunflier
The Sunflier
Arcylic on Canvas
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18” x 18”
$175 (shipping included)
This painting merges a picture of a Sunflier I took at the San Diego airport with my love of the bright colors of the Caribbean.

Travel Gal

It all started when Paul found an old window in the alley. Jim, Brian and I decided to break out the paints and go to town on it. One dip of the brush into the gooey acrylic brought back my memories and my passion for painting. I was addicted again. No, I didn’t graduate from art school, but then I didn’t graduate with a marketing degree either and that didn’t stop me from having a successful career as a marketer. So why not? I’ll take my chances in the world of art.

I love working with bright colors and characters. When I started painting again 6 years ago, I usually worked from whatever craziness was in my head. Since then, I’ve also fallen in love with photography. Many of my newer paintings were inspired from photographs taken on my travels or just snapshots of my hood. You will see a mixture of both in my gallery.

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