Acrylic painting on canvas
60" x 50"
$3100 (shipping included)
Rich, vibrant colors pop off the canvas in Ada's snapshot of Paradise in Puerto Vallarta.
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Due to international shipping regulations, artwork will be removed from wood frame, rolled and shipped in a protective tube.


Ada Colorina

It was almost too good to be true when I opened the email from Ada.

"I think I'm coming to Chicago but I not sure."


"Not sure about the money."

"Well, say no more. Te puedes quedar en mi casa. No le costarĂ¡ nada. (translation...I hope :): You can stay at my house. It will cost you nothing!"

And so she came.

Ada was actually the first artist I met when Travel Gal was just a seed about the break through. I was celebrating the holidays in Puerto Vallarta with some good friends in '08. I knew when I returned from that vacation I would be resigning from my job to take a well needed break from the corporate gig that had consumed 10+ years of my life. I wanted to create a business that allowed me to dive into my passion for art, travel and explorations of different cultures around the world. I knew it would be important to find artists that shared their personal experiences of the culture that surrounded them through their work. Ada's colorful work embodies this spirit.

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